How to integrate your interests in Flipboard

Flipboard is a magical tool which allows us to browse a virtual newspaper from an iPad, iPhone or even an Android tablet or smartphone. The design of the layout is beautiful, and probably the main reason for its success. However, despite the impressive variety of sources available, it may happen that it is not enough.

As an example, let’s say we want to get news on “Tim Burton”. Here what Flipboard shows us:


Flipboard proposes us to follow news from a Tumblr blog, a Facebook page or three Twitter accounts, whose @timburton_news where news are provided by newsinapp ;)

Flipboard does not directly provide latest news on this subject. One of these choices may be relevant and sufficient, but if it does not fit, then we need to follow several of these proposals. But, we would like to have a complete and unified view on this topic in Flipboard.

Newsinapp can help us to fill this gap.

With Newsinapp, we aim to retrieve relevant news for our users, but also to publish them where they need it. It can be in their blog, in their virtual newspaper, in a web application, or to help draft an article …

Below, the topic “Tim Burton” integrated into Flipboard

Newsinapp integrates in Flipboard

We made ​​a video explaining how to integrate your interests in Flipboard

Finally, newsinapp can integrate with other virtuals newspapers such as Pulse News, Google Currents, Feedly …

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